Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stickers vs. Labels?

Our magnificent looking labels!

A heated discussion arose yesterday when someone exclaimed "Yeah! Our stickers are here!" [gasp] STICKERS!?!?! We're a place of business we don't use stickers. We use LABELS! Besides stickers are not cool, whereas labels are VERY cool. Clearly this ill-informed person needed to be re-interrogated er..rather re-educated. So over the course of the next few hours we quarantined the said individual and subjected them to viewing a series of flash cards. Each flash card either depicted an image of something cool or not cool. It took repeated viewings but we finally coerced (re-educated) the said individual to renounce the fact that Strawberry Shortcake® stickers on Trapper Keeper®s are NOT cool. However, when one places one of our magnificent labels on a Trapper Keeper® the Trapper Keeper® becomes instantaneously very cool. That's the power of a label. Stickers can't claim that.